We understand that deciding whom to entrust with the care of your most precarious companion is a difficult and possibly even daunting process.

We therefore hope that reading what some of you clients have had to say may help you whilst making your choice of cat care.





Sonny & Casssius (Williams)
August 2013

Just to say (with apologies for delay) a massive thank you to Cat Care & Sabina (to whom I sent a text when we returned) for looking after our cats, they were very happy and looked very well cared for when we got back & the house was in perfect condition too

So thank you & Sabina very much, it was all much appreciated


Miccio & Micina (Minina)

We had Chantelle looking after our two 10 week old kittens for a week while we were away on holiday.  I can not recommend her enough!

From the moment we met her, we could see she is a kind, reliable, and very passionate about cats person.  The kittens felt comfortable with Chantelle straight away and were purring and cuddling up to her. We knew we were leaving them in good hands.  She kept us updated with pictures and reassuring texts throughout our holiday. It meant a lot to us and we could relax and enjoy the holiday.

We came back to two happy and well fed kittens. I can not thank Chantelle enough for being so lovely to us, our little treasures and our house.

The whole process of contacting the company, meeting the carer was fast and efficient.  Small details like house security, keys pick up/return, and payment were well thought through.

Kindest regards

Marco and Anna

Marmaduke (Salmon)
May 2013

Once again Dukey received fantastic care from Chantelle and we came home to a very happy cat! 
It is great to know he is so well looked after plus with the added benefit of the post being brought in and the flat looking "occupied".

Please do thank her again for all her work.

Many thanks,


Hendrix (Boyd)
December 2012

We used Cat Care London for the first time on the recommendation of others, and they did not disappoint. From the moment we made initial enquiries, the whole service was efficient, polite, friendly and professional, and I had absolute confidence that they would provide quality care for our cat Hendrix. Previously we have used catteries when we have gone away, but this has always created an added stress for both ourselves and the cat, and on this occasion we had a three month old baby to manage so it was much less stressful to have someone come to our home to care for our cat rather than having to take him away somewhere. I thought that Cat Care London provided excellent value for money when compared to using a cattery.

Chantelle Moore was outstanding in her care for our cat, Hendrix. From her initial visit - where she asked lots of questions about Hendrix in an effort to get to know him - she was friendly, organised and approachable. She responded promptly to my text messages and made a real effort to bond with Hendrix. She took care to follow my instructions but also showed initiative where it was appropriate. I have never seen Hendrix so relaxed and happy after we have been away, and I would recommend Chantelle unreservedly to anyone seeking quality care for their cat. 

Hope this helps. We look forward to using Cat Care London again in the future!

Kind regards,
Nikki Boyd


Angello & Delilah (Gordon)
November 2012

I’d like to take the chance to say how pleased we are with your service and especially the way Chantelle takes care of Angello and Delilah. 

They are very much a part of the family and knowing that they are happy and well looked after when we are not around makes it so much easier to properly enjoy our breaks.

Coming home to 2 happy, healthy cats who have barely noticed we’ve been gone has become the best part of coming home from a trip.



Lily (Berzins)

A big thank-you to you for helping us out at short notice and to Chantelle for doing such a wonderful job.

Lily seems well fed and cared for (if not a little grumpy with us for leaving her for the first time!) and everything in the house is in order. We felt that she was in safe hands and didn't have to worry about her whilst we were away.

We'll no doubt use your services again now that we've found someone we can trust.

Kind Regards,

Frobisher (Sweet)
September 2012

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how impressed I've been by the service Sue - and your company - provided.

I came home on Tuesday evening after a 10 day break to find my elderly cat looking relaxed, groomed and happy, his food and water bowls full, and his litter tray sparkling clean. On top of that, I also had the lovely surprise of finding photos of Frobisher which Sue had taken while I was away

I had been worried about leaving him due to his age and his kidney/heart problems and had cancelled a holiday earlier in the year because of that. Had I known of the quality of the service you provided, I wouldn't have had any hesitation in going away. Because Sue knew I was worried, she also very kindly updated me by text during the week just to reassure me that things were going fine.

I wouldn't hesitate to use your services again... Please also pass on my thanks once again to Sue who did an absolutely marvellous job, and who I suspect Frobisher secretly misses!

Best wishes


Keith & Gracie (Lewsley)

February 2012

I wanted to say that Chantelle was absolutely brilliant while we were away - the house was clean and fluff-free and the cats were well fed and brushed and happy - we're really chuffed with her so thanks and please extend our appreciation.


Louis & Mabel (Brandon)

February 2012

I wanted to say first that Chantelle is fantastic - I have come home from Brazil to find my babies in perfect shape - pleased to see me but happy. So thank you for this - as always I am so relieved to have such lovely care from your team.

Please feel free to add me as a testimonial and also as a reference for any new clients wishing to speak with me.

You provide a brilliant service and I am happy to advertise that!

Kind regards


Pixel, Pablo & Bella (Taft)

December 2011

Just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for helping me at such short notice and  for being such a great cat sitter .

I think the kitten area may have been cleaner when I got home than when I left. The cats were happy and settled and seemed none the worse for wear, although I think Pixel maybe missing  Chantelle – I think he has a little kittie crush on her J.

Bella got over her sulk the following day –it’s the first time we’ve been away from home for more than a day.

Chantelle left me a lovely letter with some fantastic photo’s of the cats, and Pablo’s fur was lovely and soft, obviously, he let Chantelle groom him.

I will definitely be using your services again, and next time I will give you plenty of notice.


Willow (Archer)

December 2011

The road in/out of Ischgl was closed due to avalanche risk and hence we were stranded.  Thank goodness they opened the road yesterday!

I just wanted to say that Chantelle is fantastic!  We very much appreciate that Chantelle had the flexibility to visit Willow yesterday - it definitely gave us peace of mind while trying to sort out our departure!

Willow obviously loves Chantelle as she was very chilled out when we arrived last night.

Thanks for providing such a wonderful service.

Many thanks

Billy & Polo (Roberts)
December 2011

just wanted to say a big thank you to Chantelle for looking after Billy and Polo while we were away over Christmas. They were very relaxed and happy when we got back and it is always a relief to know they are well taken care of and that we don't have to worry about them.

I do appreciate that working over Christmas is not much fun so please thank Chantelle for coming in to give them some love over the festive season.

Many thanks again and happy new year to you and all your team
Nancy & John

Austin (Mann)
December 2011

Happy New Year.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the service I received.

Pia was great and I returned to a very happy Cat.

Thanks again

Chicco & Jolie Castro
November 2011

I just want to say that you are the best petcare agency ever.

Magdalena is wonderful, it was a really blessing to have found you.

I had a fantastic time in Italy, without any worries whatsoever.

I will definitely recommend Cat Care London.
Best wishes,

Levi Woods
October 2011

We just wanted to say thanks so much for taking care of Levi. She seemed so relaxed and happy when we arrived home and it was such a relief to come home to a happy Levi.

We feel a lot happier about going on holiday in future, it has always been a worry due to her horrible experience in the cattery but it's as if we didn't go away, she's just had a lot to say since we came back but that's normal!

Many thanks again.
Best wishes

Joel and Charlotte

Dotty Morgan
September 2011

I just wanted to thank you for providing such a great service. 
Chantelle was wonderful. She was thoroughly professional, went far beyond what I expected in caring for Dotty and I am extremely grateful for all her efforts. Dotty seemed extremely happy and well cared for when we returned.

I have left my keys with you as I will definitely use you again in the future and furthermore will not hesitate in recommending you.

Best wishes

Adam Morgan

Peggy & Fudge
September 2011

Just thought I'd drop you an email to thank-you for your cat sitting services. Eleanor was great and both cats looked very well when we arrived home. Many thanks.

I've transferred the outstanding money so you should get it on Monday.

Thanks again, we'll be in touch next time we go away.


Myrrh (Pickering)
August 2011

We have been delighted with Pia's care for our cat. When I met her, I was immediately reassured that she was caring and good with animals - certainly my rather shy cat took to her immediately.
She is also clearly competent - she has a great deal of experience and came recommended by my vet. 
Pia texted us the first day that we were away to let us know that she was there and Myrrh was fine. We very much enjoyed the photodiary that Pia put together of what Myrrh got up to while we were away.

Very impressive all round.

Best wishes,

Peanut Choi
July 2011

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I was very pleased with the job that Chantelle did looking after Peanut. 

Peanut was obviously very happy to have her around twice a day.  She was also very good about handing over to our houseguest at the end of the visits.

We hope to use you again in the future.

Kind regards,

Eda (Silber)
June 2011

We were really happy with Pia and although Eda took a little while to adjust she was well and relaxed on our return.

 Also the diary Pia left us was brilliant - so cute and really a nice surprise. Thanks again.

Alice & Milo (Massey)
August 2011

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you arranging Magdalena to look after Alice and Milo.

She did a really fabulous job, the diary was so adorable and made us laugh so much! We will definitely use her again, such a great carer.

The cats were so well looked after, we wholeheartedly recommend her!

Thank you

Chipie (Gaouyer)
June 2011

We just wanted to say that we have been particularly impressed by your services.

Pia took care of Chipie a few weeks ago, when we went away for a long weekend.

Although Chipie was very happy when we came back, she did not seem to have been traumatized at all by her long weekend alone (as is usually the case in these circumstances).

She had clearly been brushed extensively when we were away, which is usually enough to turn her into a kitten again. Please extend our gratitude to Pia.

Thank you,

Sylvester (Doxford)
June 2011

We just wanted to write a quick email to say a massive thank you to you and Sabina for the best possible service looking after our cat Sylvester over the past few weeks.

We were let down at short notice by some friends who were supposed to be house sitting and you guys helped us out at short notice and did an amazing job. Sabina was SO lovely, leaving us a wedding card (we were on honeymoon) and doing us a photo sheet showing her time with Sylvester.

We will definitely be using you guys (Sabina) again as it really enabled us to relax knowing our cat was in safe hands.

Thank you so much again, please pass on our massive thanks to Sabina as well.
until our next holiday...

Stuart and Vicky

Kali (Blanch)
May 2011

Thanks so much for looking after Kali last week - Cathy is doing a great job and I liked Kali's diary - I always wondered what she got up to when I'm not around!
Thank you,


Jess (Walsh)
May 2011

We were very happy with the service Magdalena provided at the weekend and enjoyed the diary and pictures etc.

Jess was much happier when I came back than he usually is!

Many thanks, Helen

Jack (Marlow)
18 May 2011

Just wanted to let you know how happy it made my husband and me to return from  an 11-day trip and find Jack completely relaxed.  It was incredibly reassuring to know he was in such good hands with Pia while we were away, and that she was able to work with the vet as he came out of his diabetes.

The little booklet of photos and Jack's "diary" was a wonderful surprise to come home to.  We both enjoyed reading it...a few times each!  I can tell from the photos that Jack is very fond of Pia.

I think he even looked for her in the hallway when we open the door a few times this week.  Jack is so attached to me and ridiculously needy of affection that when I leave him, he typically gets sick and very upset.

For that reason it's difficult for me to leave for an extended period of time, but knowing Pia can come visit him changes that.

Jessica, Nick and Jack

Anushka (Dillon)
April 2011

I just wanted to say how fantastic your service was this weekend. Cathy was lovely and obviously looked after Nush very well - she was relaxed and happy when we arrived home, The texts were also really reassuring, the photos very sweet and it's great to have found a service I feel so comfortable with. I'm admittedly a bit over-protective but felt good about Cathy straight awayI I've left my keys with her as I'm sure we'll be using you again in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks again - feel free to use this on your site!

Best regards,

Grant (Bigg)
January 2011

We just wanted to write to thank Cat Care and particularly Marianne for looking after Grant last month. This is the first time we have used Cat Care and the experience has been brilliant. Marianne did such a great job of looking after Grant and with keeping us up to date with how he was getting on. Thank you very much.

Kind regards
Simon and Georgina

Millie (Evans)
January 2011

I wanted to say thank you for the excellent service from Eleanor, Millie was very well looked after and very happy.
Kind Regards

Gus (Kenworthy)
October 2010

‘Gus’ needed looking after when my husband and I went on honeymoon, he had previously been sent to catteries when we went away but each time he came back thin, unhappy and very unsettled.

Cat Care provide a unique service that allows your animals to remain at home and we came back to a happy, fat and wonderful looking cat along with a picture diary throughout the week of his time without us! A most brilliant, professional and caring service I have ever come across and Gus cannot wait until the next time we go on holiday!

I would highly recommend Cat Care as a first class, high quality animal care service that is second to none

Thank you Cat Care for making my holiday, and future holidays something I can enjoy without the worry of leaving my animals behind!


Pixie (Leu)
September 2010

I think Pia has been absolutely brilliant, and the photo diary is so lovely!

Thank you sooo much! Funny, I feel I really bonded with Pia, although I met her only once. Must be the power of the cat :)

Really happy to be united again with my fluffy one, but will definitely get back in touch if Pixie needs looking after. Is it recommendable to book early for Christmas? Will the price increase over those days?

Big thank you again!
And all the best,

Freddie & Rosie (Rooney)
September 2010

Rosie is absolutely fine now thank you. The swelling in her eye has gone completely and she isn't scratching it anymore. I think she may have just had a fight with Fred and received a scratch or got something in it. But Pia did a great job of looking after them both and she put a little water in Rosie's eye which must have done the trick.

I have already sent a text to thank her but please pass on our gratitude for the extra care and attention she paid Rosie. It was a god send to know she was able to take care of any vets visits that might have been needed, especially since we had a delay on our flight home.

Thanks to you too for organising everything and finding these lovely people who make our holidays more enjoyable as we know our two are in safe hands!

Kind regards,

August 2010
Do pass on my thanks to Barbara for her usual care and consideration in looking after Barney.  I was really most appreciative of the text on Thursday and also the very nice note left by her on Monday.  It really is a great comfort to know that I can leave Barney in a safe pair of hands.
Once again many thanks.

Kind regards, Kim
January 2010
We were very happy with the service received from Cat Care (Cassie) and would be more than happy to use your service again.
Steve’s parents said Coco seemed very happy when they arrived to look after him and the Coco diary we received from Cassie was lovely. We also were happy to receive the text on the first day of our holiday this really put our minds at rest.

I have said a personal thanks to Cassie but please feel free to pass on our thanks again.

Kind Regards

Chicken & Daffodil
October 2009

Just a quick email to let you know how very impressed I have been with your service. Casie, in particular, has been wonderful. 

When I returned from holiday, I found my cats to be happy, well and very settled. The flat was spotless and all the worries I had about what I could have returned to, had completely vanished. 

Not only will I definitely use your service again, but I will recommend you to all my friends with animals.
Many, many thanks again and please give a very special thank you to Casie.
Melisha, Chicken and Daffodil

October 2009

We would like to say a big “Thank you “ to Cat Care and especially Casie for taking such great care of our lovely kitty Mitzi and, not to forget, our whole home.
When we returned we found a very relaxed and happy pet in a clean flat, which was so nice.

The diary Casie made for Mitzi was great, now she has her own “holiday” shots to show off too.

Victoria & Niels

Spencer & Lilly
August 2009
Della and Buster both seem really healthy and happy, and Polly's note with pictures of them was really lovely.

I've texted Polly to say hold on to the keys as I'm sure we'll need your services again before long. If there's anywhere you'd like me to leave a v positive review I'd be more than happy to do so.

Cleo & Gus
February 2009

Just to let you know that we arrived home safe and sound yesterday. We had a lovely holiday and were delighted to find the cats relaxed and happy upon our return. They really took to Helen and obviously enjoyed posing for the photos!

We were delighted with the service we received both from yourself and from Helen - it was clear to see that the cats had been well cared for and looked after. We will definitely be using Cat Care again.

Again, many thanks for everything - a professional service from start to finish.

Kind regards,
Maarten and Melanie

Gracie & Boo

December 2008

Just wanted to say thanks so much for taking such good care of Gracie and Boo again.

We really appreciated the text updates while away - they're always comforting.

And it was wonderful to see the kitties so content (even a bit spoiled!) when we got back.
Thanks again!

December 2008

We had never used your service before and we were nervous about it, but Angus was fantastic and Crumble was obviously well looked after.

The pictures of Crumble on our return to an obviously happy cat were a great bonus.

We are very happy to recommend you and will certainly return to you in the future.

Many thanks to Angus and to Cat Care London for caring for our girl.

Esme & Clementine
December 2008

I wanted to let you know how delighted I was with the care Phoebe received from Casie while I was away in America recently.

I had been very apprehensive about leaving Phoebe alone for the first time, especially for quite a long period, as she is a rather nervous girl.

However, she seems to have been very happy with Casie and I loved the photographic diary he left for me. In the future, I shall have no worries about going away and leaving Phoebe in very capable hands.

Thank you so much.


Babadoo & Teddy
October 2008

We were so impressed by Helen we can’t sing her praises highly enough!

We both thought that Helen was absolutely fantastic!

The cats were perfectly contented and the flats were spotless – it was a delight to come home to.

Please convey our sincere thanks to Helen

Best Regards,
Robert & Nicholas

October 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the service you provide and for Casie's time as well that was great he was really good ...

I love the diary that Casie made for Venus so much so that I told all my family in France.

Will definitely use your services again
Laetitia & Michael

Ginger (Kirkpatrick)
September 2008
Ginger has been looked after so well by Casie that she is now behaving in a thoroughly spoilt way! 
He left a lovely diary with superb photos which I shall treasure for ever. 
Please thank him ever so for all the care and attention he gave to her

All the best
Sally Kirkpatrick

Louis & Mabel (Brandon)
August 2008

I wanted to firstly say thank you for Casie – he is absolutely wonderful and I am so glad that I can go away and know my babies are being well cared for.
You provide a brilliant service and I am happy to advertise that!

Kind regards
Rebecca Brandon

July 2008

Hi Charlie and Casie many thanks for looking after our cat Sparky
when we went away on holiday.

You both did a great job; Charlie for organising and Casie for calling round to the flat.

We returned to find a very happy cat and a clean house.

Best Regards,
Dean Hall

June 2008

Asta seems to have gone down very well with Spot and left the cutest 'diary' of Spot's weekend it really helps to know I can go away and know she is well cared for thanks

Thank you

May 2008

I am sure we will use you guys again in the future, and I’m already telling everybody about you. It gave us such a peace of mind to know that Casie came round to see our Oliver, especially since the cat is still so young.

It was great to meet Casie beforehand and to see how much he seems to care about cats. I think Oliver fell in love straight away, and he was all happy and bouncy when we came back! ;o)

Thanks again for organizing that, especially on such short notice.

Feel free to use any of my feedback for your web site.

Thanks again.
Kathrin Fischer

April 2008

Just thought I would write a testimonial for Casie as I was so happy with the service we received.

I was impressed with the immediate rapport Casie built with Heidi, making her totally at ease and giving her the attention she loves!

With our busy lives, I felt completely confident in leaving her for the weekend in his capable hands and will definitely have no problem doing so again in the near future.

Lynsey Thomas

April 2008

Thank you very much for looking after my little one.

Casie was great. It's the first time I've used this service and I believe my little one was in good hands.

Despite being a little obstinate about wanting to be photographed, Casie was very patient with her (and me!). 

I'll certainly be using the service again and recommending it.

May 2008

I also meant to write to say how delighted we were with Asta – we were really nervous about leaving Flora with someone new, especially as she always seems so happy with Sabina.

Asta left us a beautiful diary with lots of detail about how Flora had behaved while we were away and lovely pictures. We were especially impressed that Flora had even relaxed enough to let Asta stroke her – not an honour afforded to many!

January 2008

Please give a massive thank you to Ellen from all of us as she was amazing!

The first day text was such a good way of knowing Jimmy was ok and put our minds at ease so we could enjoy our Christmas. When we got home she had left some photo's of Jimmy and a little note. It was nice to know that he was being looked after someone who cares about what they do.

I have already recommended you (and will continue to do so) to all our cat owner friends and look forward to using you when we go away again.

Kind regards - Helen, Barry & Jimmy

December 2007

Ellen did a fantastic job of looking after Boo. 

I returned to a very happy cat and a lovely note which clearly showed Ellen had played with her and cuddled her lots! 

I'd happily recommend Ellen and Cat Care.  Thanks again Charlie for organising.

Best, Jo

Daisy & Layla
December 2007

I also wanted to say thank you so much.  I am really happy to have  found your company as it was great to be able to go away finally and not worry about our cats.  They seemed quite happy when we got back and I can tell they were looked after really well.  

I really loved the photo diary too!  That was a great extra!

Best regards, Claire

June 2007

Thank you to Casie and Cat Care London for taking such wonderful care of Betty.

It was very reassuring while on holiday abroad to receive a text message letting us know that she was safe and well, and we loved the photo diary with cute captions showing us how she got on while we were away.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone and really appreciate your genuine concern for the wellbeing of the cats you look after.

Best Regards, Angela

Mouse & Royal
June 2007

I'd also like to add that we were extremely pleased with the visits provided by Sabina. She was kind enough to provide us with texted updates while we were away and she obviously took very great care of our cats.

They were very chilled on our return, which is especially impressive as one of our cats is quite anxious and nervous - but we have photographic proof of him being relaxed and friendly around Sabina. Amazing!

We would definitely use your service again.

Best wishes and thanks again for a professional and friendly service. Tim

June 2007

Sorry I have not got in touch with you before to say how wonderful Sarah was with our cat, Pippa, during our recent holiday. Pippa has a disturbed back-ground ( rescue cat ) but she has been so much more relaxed since Sarah's visits ! She talks to us more and comes to us more readily - she is a transformed cat ! We are so grateful to Sarah. She obviously spent lots of time with Pippa and has a great way with nervous cats. If we can give any sort of testimony to the superb care we feel we have received, please get in touch with us ! It was wonderful to be greeted by a relaxed, happy cat on our return from a week's holiday . . . . Thank you and Sarah so
much- we shall be booking you again.

Yours sincerely, Linda and Peter Dean and Pippa

Fitz & Syd
May 2007

We were both thrilled with the service. Our boys were happy and healthy and the pictures Sabina left for us really made us feel comfortable.

We will definitely be using you again in the future!!

Do we transfer the remainder of the payment in the same way as the first installment?

Thanks very much - Angie

April 2007

Casie did a great job, and I was really happy with the service.

My flat was spotless, and Alice seemed really content and happy, I'll definitely recommend you to my friends!

Thanks again, Dee and Alice

February 2007

Sue did a fantastic job of looking after Patch. He seemed happy and healthy and the flat was well looked after too.

We will definitely be using your service again and are very happy to give your company our recommendation.

January 2007

I have used the guys from Cat Care for approx 3 years to look after my little cat Bud.

They are always eager to help and don't mind doing the extra little jobs such as picking up mail and shutting curtains. It's good to know you can rely on kind, honest people when you're away, especially out of the country.

They are always available at short notice and will go out of their way to accommodate your requests.

My cat is a fussy one and has taken to them immediately, which is very reassuring.

I thoroughly recommend Cat Care as they have a genuine love for animals and can be trusted to carry out your requests to the full.

January 2007

I just wanted to send an email to thank you and your team for looking after Spooky over the past year.

One reason I had always put of getting a cat was the fact that we travel quite a lot and would have to leave him behind, but now I don't have to worry and I am very happy to leave Spooky in your capable hands.

Even after a 2 week break he appeared happy and well cared for and the friendly texts I receive during my holidays help stop me worrying to much about him.

Thanks again and I'll be using your service again soon.

Brandy & Husky
January 2007
Just wanted to thank you for looking after Brandy and Husky so well over the weekend. We'll certainly be using you again in the future.
Simba & Tingerbell
November 2006

Dan and I returned home from our holiday today to two very content, fluffy little Persians!

A very big thank you to Caz who clearly looked after out cats very well.

Thank you for providing such a great service. We were very impressed by the updates via text message which put our minds at rest whilst we were away.

It was also a lovely surprise to return home to the diary of Simba and Tinkerbell's past 10 days. From the photographs, it looks as if they had a lot of fun with Caz.

We will recommend your cat care service to our friends and will definitely be happy for Caz to look after the fluffy ones when we go away next year.

Thank you once again.

November 2006

I have also been meaning to say Claud seemed to be very well looked after last time by Casie and we LOVED the Claudia Diary, it was seriously quite adorable!!

She was happy and content when we got home, which was a relief.

October 2006

Just a quick note to say 'thank you' for looking after Jakey while I was away.

I was so pleased he was being cared for by Sabina and I'm very grateful to her (and to you) for providing such a reliable cat-sitting service.

I didn't worry about him (or my flat) during the few days I was in Canada (and usually I do when I'm away) because I knew he was in safe hands.

I will definitely ask you to look after Jakey again when I go away next time and so I'm happy for Sabina to keep my keys.

Lee, Briony & Lucy (Hurst)
October 2006

We would be more than happy to be referred to as references or as a testimonial to the care your company has provided us.

We arrived back to three very content, healthy, bright-eyed cats who had obviously suffered no stress or unhappiness at being left in Sue’s care.

We’d like to thank you and Sue for providing such a marvellous service.

August 2006

I just wanted to write and thank you and let you know how pleased we are with the services of Cat Care, and to ask you to pass on our sincere thanks to Sabina.

She has clearly looked after our cat Mickey very well, his 'diary' really entertained us when we got back last night and he seems very contented and well fed!

Sabina has also looked after the house and plants and we are delighted with the service we received (and I believe Mickey is too!)

We will definitely use your services next time we go away, I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and hope Sabina will be able to come and look after Mickey for us again- I think he misses her!

August 2006

May I say thank you for the fantastic service I received from Sabina whilst we were away.

Sabina text me to say that things were fine which put our minds at rest.

When we retuned everything was in order and Sabina had left a card with pictures of Ruby playing with her, which was really thoughtful and made us realise even more that Ruby was in good hands.

Mao and Deng
August 2006

Just a quick line to say thanks for the excellent care given to Mao and Deng while I was away.

I was in Hungary for 2 weeks and Casie and Sarah looked after the cats.

They were well and happy when I got back, they had plenty of food and fresh water and everything was clean and tidy!

It really takes a load off my mind to know that I can trust the cats to you while I'm away.

Little & Big
August 2006

I want to say once again that this turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for us and for the kittens. The kitties seemed to be in perfect, rude good health and very happy indeed, on our return. I

Alan and I were very pleased indeed with the level of care and responsibility that both you and Lara took in looking after our kittens.

Thank you so much, both you and Lara, for making this a worry free and really pleasant weekend for all of us. We will use Cat Care London again without any hesitation, and will of course recommend you to our friends.

Cortes & Hildy
August 2006

Many thanks for looking after our two cats so well.

Having left quite complicated instructions about feeding and medication, I was reassured to see that these seem to have been followed to the letter, and both cats are well and happy.

It was also great that we were left a clear handover note and photos of what cats had been up to in our absence!

Tiger Lilly
August 2006

When I met Sabine I immediately felt comfortable. My cat loved her from the moment she came in - We LOVED her looking after Tiger Lilly - and we really LOVED the diary that she sent over.

The cat was much happier and I will be always using you and Sabine in the future.

Thank you again for an amazing service.

Poppy & Nelly
August 2006

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service I received from your company last week, I am absolutely delighted with it.

I thought Caz was amazing. I am embarrassingly neurotic (especially about my cats!) and I felt completely reassured and happy that Caz was looking after them.

It was the most relaxed I have *ever* felt when I was away so I am very very grateful.

Although I am probably moving out of London soon I will recommend you to every cat owner I know!

Babs, Keri, Fushi, Maple & Pecan
July 2006
" Like most people, I was initially apprehensive about handing the care of my 5 cats and the security of my home over to a stranger whilst I was on holiday. Sue agreed to take on the responsibility at short notice when my prior arrangements fell through at the last minute.

Four of my cats are 'homebodies' however Fushi regularly goes exploring for hours on end and even I have to make an effort to see her every day. Although I had warned Sue about this she texted me to warn me that she did not see Fushi on her first visit and ask if she should take any further action. The next day she texted me again to let me know that she had finally met Fushi and that all was well.

I found the service very professional and I will not be concerned the next time that I need to use Cat Care London."
Delilah & Tess
June 2006

We have been very impressed by the service provided by Emily.

The cats seem to have had a lovely couple of weeks and even Tess, who usually hates strangers, seems to have loved her time with Emily.

It was a lovely touch to receive a text from Emily whilst we were away reassuring us that the cats were fine. As an overly concerned owner it really put my mind at rest.

Angel, Buffy and Oz
May 2006

We had a great time and Sarah did brilliantly with the cats. Buffy in particular was less sulky than she usually is after we've been away!

We'll definitely use you again!

Best wishes - Amanda

Barney & Ellie
April 2006

This is just a short note to pass on my thanks for looking after Barney and Ellie over my recent holiday.

I have never come home to find them as relaxed and happy as I did when Barbara had looked after them, even Ellie who is a very timid little cat. The fact that Barbara had taken photos of them enjoying the sunshine was a lovely touch and clearly showed they'd been well loved over the week.

Thanks once again

Remi & Louis
April 2006

Once again thank you for your help. It is always so good to know they are in safe hands and I am (yet again) truly grateful for the help at short notice - it's great that you have my keys and are able to do this.

I am very lucky to have found such a professional, reliable, trustworthy service.

Coco & Vanilla
January 2006

We just wanted to say thank you for last weekend - especially arranging the extra cover after Kimberley left our keys up north!

The kittens were fine when we returned, and from the photos looked like they had lots of fun with Martin. He was so friendly and polite when I met him and I felt very happy to know he would be looking after their needs while we were away! He was also so nice about providing the extra cover and after my initial panic that we might have imposed on him, he abated my fears immediately.

We will definitely be in touch again - our next trip will be in May for 1 week and we hope once we've finalised the dates that Martin will once again be free to help us - well worth every penny and thank you both so much for everything. Lisa-Marie & Alex Chandler

January 2006

I just wanted to drop you a n email and let you know that we are back from holiday and that Lindsey did a wonderful job with Harry.

She really went above and beyond, tidying up and dealing with our neighbours. We are really happy.

You can hold on to the keys, we will need someone again the last week in February if that's possible.
Thanks again!
Susan & Duncan

January 2006

Just a quick email to thank you and Sabina, for looking after Binkie over Xmas.

She left a lovely letter behind, and it was so obvious that great care had been taken. He was extremely happy, well fed and had lots of play time.

I would thoroughly recommend Furry World to everyone. And, I will definitely be using Sabina's services again. Many thanks

Tilly and Felix
January 2006
I just wanted to leave you a quick note to let you know how absolutely thrilled I was with the service provided by Sue in looking after Tilly and Felix.

When I came home, both cats were relaxed and contented - very different from when I usually go away on holiday! I will certainly be using your service again and will be happy to recommend you to others. Thanks again Anthony
December 2005
Rob and I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Emily (and you) for giving Gershwin such wonderful care whilst we were away from home this Christmas. Emily did an amazing job and even left us some fantastic photos of the gorgeous Gershwin. He seems to have had loads of fun with her and seemed very happy and content. It is such a relief to know he is in good hands whilst we are away so thank you all for providing such a brilliant service. Please send my thanks onto Emily and I am sure we'll be in touch again soon.
Stars & Stripes
December 2005
I returned from my trip yesterday and found both Stars and Stripes in very good spirits. It seems that Caz has taken excellent care of them! I will definitely get in touch when I have to go away the next time. It would be great if Caz could drop the keys in my mailbox the next time she is in the vicinity. Thanks again - it's such a relief not having to worry about your pets when you're away!
Pepsi & Fluffy
September 2005

Thanks for looking after The Mogsters when I was away - and thank you for the pictures!

Fluffy was being a scare-dy cat even when I walked in the door yesterday evening, so I wouldn't take it personally, Martin!

They were relaxed and laid back when I got home yesterday rather than all het-up from being boxed up and driven to and from a cattery - this is so much nicer for them (and me!) than the cattery route.

When I'm next on holiday in December, (probably for a week, dates not quite fixed yet) I'll be needing your help again. Hopefully you're not booked up already?!

September 2005
Cannot praise Martin's cat looking after skills enough. We came home tonight to a very happy, Hector. House also very well looked after. Loved the diary of Hector's little adventures that Martin left. Many thanks
August 2005
I just wanted to say thanks again to Sue for doing such a great job looking after Magic. She said they got on very well and he seemed very relaxed and happy when I got back yesterday.
I’ll definitely be contacting you again as and when I need to be away, especially now that I know he’ll be in good hands.
Ozzie & Sophie
August 2005

Thanks again to you and Sue for the terrific job in taking care of Ozzie and Sophie. Both cats seemed quite content on our return from our holiday.

I will definitely be using your services again -- it will make traveling less stressful in the future, knowing that my cats will be well taken care of. Thanks also for making the whole process so convenient and easy! I look forward to seeing Ozzie and Sophie added to the gallery!

July 2005
Just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the care that Sue provided to Mimi while I was away.
Mimi was very content when I returned. I loved the Diary, what a lovely idea.
I will certainly be using this service again. Thanks very much.
July 2005

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking care of zebedee so well while we were away last weekend & what brilliant timing that you were here when that package was delivered - that saved me all sorts of hassle going to collect it!

It's a real weight off our minds to know that zeb is such good care while we're away. Thanks also for your sweet note.

Poppy and Tansy
June 2005

Just a quick note to say thanks (again) to Emily for looking after Poppy and Tansy. They were both very well when I got back and I appreciated the photos and notes on their changes in food preference in the warmer weather.

As our flight was delayed a few hours and we didn't get home until 3am, I was also extremely grateful for the milk. In enabled me to placate my very hungry boyfriend with some cereal - there was no other food in the house and I'm not sure he would have made it through the night otherwise! The girls seem to have had lots of fun, judging from the photos, and I'm sure will look forward to seeing Emily again.

Am very impressed that she managed to brush Poppy a few times - usually she will put up with it for about 30 seconds max (if she doesn't run away at the sight of the brush) and certainly wouldn't stick around long enough to be photographed. She also seems to have kept Tansy well supplied with cuddles - without which she gets very noisy!

Jasmine & Jamie
June 2005

I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the care that Barbara gave my cats and with the service I have received in general.

It was great peace of mind to know that the cats were in good hands and that my post, etc., were being looked after whilst I was away on holiday. Many thanks

April 2005
Thanks for a wonderful job taking care of our cat, Sassy, while we were away.
We noticed when we got home that she was much happier than she's ever been when we've left her before and had friends feed her - I'm sure this was because of the good care and attention you gave her.
Woody and Squawks
January 2005
I just wanted to extend my thanks to Emily and Adrian for taking such fantastic care of our two cats, Woody and Squawks while we were away over Christmas and New Year. We were so anxious about leaving them as they had never been left for that long before, particularly Woody who loves to be around people. For that reason we could not face boarding them in a cattery. We returned to find them totally content, beautifully groomed and happy. On top of that were the wonderful photos that had been taken of the cats, with a commentary, to reassure us of how well they had been cared for in our absence. We learned quite a lot about them from the photos as well - we will certainly try to play with Squawks more as he really seems to enjoy it - we forget how young he still is! We would not hesitate to pass on your name to friends and family and will certainly use the service again if the need arises. Thanks so much again - it was worth every penny
January 2005
Happy New Year! I wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you VERY much for doing such a fantastic job looking after our little Pharaoh at Christmastime. She was very happy and healthy upon our return, which is all that I can ask for! In a city like London, I am so pleased that we have met you and Emily - we feel very comfortable having Pharaoh in your very capable care. I'm sorry that I don't have time to write a longer message right now, but I felt it necessary to thank you for the wonderful job that you've done
January 2005

We would like Emily to keep the keys, as we will definitely ask her to look after Layla again. We are very pleased with her services: we came home to a very happy cat.

Emily left us a few photo's and a 'diary': a very thoughtful gesture. Please feel free to give people my email address and/or phone number if they want to have references.

January 2005
Happy New Year - I hope you are well and enjoyed the festive break. I wanted to say a big 'thank you' as we returned from our Christmas break to a very happy and contented old cat (in fact he seemed slightly disappointed Emily didn't turn up to feed him at dinner time
anymore!). We were very pleased with the great care he obviously received and will definitely use A Furry World when we next go on holiday. We'd be happy to provide testimonials/references for your services - just let us know
Bugsy & Dishy
December 2005
Just wanted to say thanks looking after everything so well whilst we were away.
I would be happy to provide a reference and we are already keeping you in mind for our next holiday.
Have a great X-mas and all the best for 2005
August 2005

I want to let you know that Martin took very good care of Blaze and I am very happy with your service.

It was nice of Martin to drop a text message during my holiday to let me know how things were going and the photos were good.

Beatrice & Biffy
August 2005

We've just got back from holiday and I must just say that our cats have never been so well looked after and contented.

It is clear that Emily has lavished much care and attention on them. As you know Emily has looked after them for weekends this year but this was the first long break. I've never seen them so relaxed and happy on return from a fortnight's holiday. It's always a worry as they get older but it is so obvious they have been in very good hands. The photos she left for us attest to their extreme good humour as Biffy seems to have adapted to using a Zoom Groom for himself - Emily says she's never seen a cat do this before - I shall have to acquire one immediately.
Not only has she looked after them so well – one has learnt self grooming habits. Remarkable!

The house was also extremely well looked after and flowers carefully watered. I've used a number of cat sitters in my time – but never been so happy! (nor have Biffy and Bea) Thanks very much to Emily, and to you for such a professional organisation.

August 2005

I just wanted to say that I was so happy with the service from Martin and A Furry World.

I went away not worrying about Bali and had text messages from Martin to let me know how he was when he visited and best of all when I came home Bali was happy and relaxed like we'd never been away.

He tends to get a bit stressed when we go away so to come home and there were no "accidents" or anything was wonderful.

Thanks so much, I look forward to using A Furry World when we next go away.

August 2005
I just wanted to say thanks again to Sue for doing such a great job looking after Magic. She said they got on very well and he seemed very relaxed and happy when I got back yesterday. I’ll definitely be contacting you again as and when I need to be away, especially now that I know he’ll be in good hands. Thanks again! Rob
August 2005

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a formal "Thank You" for all Sue's hard work last week. She was so friendly and easy to get on with, and it was very reassuring to know she'd been around to keep an eye on my flat. Bonnie was relaxed and happy when we returned on Saturday, and did not seem worried that we'd been away!

I would certainly recommend A Furry World to my friends. Your service is excellent value for money, and perhaps most important of all, has a real personal touch. It did make me smile to see the photo of Bonnie sitting in her favourite spot, giving you her very best "disdainful" expression. Vanessa

July 2005

Thanks for a wonderful job taking care of our cat, Sassy, while we were away. We noticed when we got home that she was much happier than she's ever been when we've left her before and had friends feed her - I'm sure this was because of the good care and attention you gave her.

Sylvia & Sylvan

April 2005

I just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after Snowy last week. Emily did a great job looking after her, and both me and Graciela were very impressed with A Furry World. When we go on holiday next and have to leave Snowy, we won't hesitate to contact you to take care of Snowy again. Oh, and the photo's of Snowy are great too!

Philip & Graciela

January 2005

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you have given Keeling during the Christmas holidays.
We are eternally grateful. It’s not easy to leave your pet with strangers, but you have certainly made us more than comfortable, knowing that Keeling and our two fish were well cared for.
The diary of what they’d been up to was a real treat.
We warmly recommend you both and A Furry World, for your professional and excellent service with the furry touch.

Kye & Susanne

October 2004

Thank you so much for looking after PC while we were away for the weekend. I am an especially nervous pet owner as we got PC from a rescue home when she was 7 and although we have had her for 4 years she can still be quite easily upset by change. It was lovely to be able to leave her in Martin's hands and he soothed her nerves , and mine, extremely capably!!

The whole service was efficient and caring and the extra touches such as the text message while we were away and the diary when we returned were excellent and extremely professional. We would happily recommend your services to any pet owner, especially those who, like myself, treat their pets more like children! We look forward to using you again when we next go on holiday as knowing PC is in safe hands makes the whole experience much more relaxing! Thanks for everything.

Danielle Tunstall

Harvey & Paddy
September 2004
Just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after Harvey and Paddy so well. We returned from our two week holiday to find them so much happier and more relaxed than when they stay in the cattery.

The photos were great - much appreciated - and really captured their personalities. We were delighted with the service A Furry World provided and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to our friends and to use you again the next time we go away. Not only are we confident that our cats will be in safe and caring hands, but it's reassuring to know that someone will be coming in to check the flat every day. Thank you all
August 2004
Emily must have worked wonders with Poppy because when we returned she was so relaxed, she's not normally like that, she's usually quite timid, especially when she meets someone for the first time.
Thank you for everything and we'll certainly call next time we need someone to look after Poppy
Smudger, Flash & Barry
June 2004
Thank you for providing such an excellent service, I am impressed that all three cats were obviously comfortable enough to get within picture taking distance of you, they are quite independent souls. In fact they are probably disappointed to see us (at least the children anyway).

Thank you also for watering the garden, I hear the weather was hot so without your efforts, things would be wilting.

I would not hesitate in recommending your excellent services to anyone and will be calling on you again when we next go away.

Tracey Bailey

Dorothy & Delilah
December 2003

We are so pleased how things have worked out - your company has been both professional and caring.

We came home to two very happy (and much bigger!) kittens. It was so reassuring while we were away to know that they were being well looked after by someone who obviously really cared about them. Emily has been fantastic.

My only worry is that the kittens may be missing her!

Kirsteen and Julian

August 2003

I sent Emily a text message to let her know we are back, but just wanted to confirm with you and would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks to her.

She's obviously looked after Trixie beautifully and I was very touched by her card and report of her time with him.

Not sure when our next trip will be, but will definitely come back to you whenever it is.

Julia West

March 2003

I just wanted to thank you and Emily for taking such fantastic care of Dexter.

I can't remember him ever being so relaxed after I've returned from a few days away.

It was quite clear that he and Emily had a had a lovely time together, and the photographic record she kept for me was both reassuring and entertaining! Please pass on my sincerest thanks - I'm delighted to have found someone who I know I can trust to really interact and engage with Dexter - it will make going away in future much less of a worry.

Mel Fox

Barnaby & Kalinka
December 2002
Just a quick note to thank you for looking after Barnaby and Kalinka. They seem perfectly well and happy and I don't think they missed me at all. Also thanks for the excellent diary and the pint of milk - very much appreciated!

I would be more than happy to act as a reference if required. I was
delighted with your professional approach and didn't worry about the well being of my cats for one minute while I was away.

Tybalt & Mercutio
November 2002

We would like to thank you for your exemplary care of our cats Tybalt and Mercutio over the Christmas Holidays. It is never easy to leave your cats in the care of another, but after meeting you we knew that they would receive attentive and professional care over our 10-day absence. We were very pleased that they not only took to you right away (a cat always knows a friend!) but also continued to thrive under your daily/twice daily visits. We only need to look at the picture diary you kept to know that they were very happy, and probably somewhat spoiled cats (their preferred state) under your care.

We also had a great peace-of-mind knowing that you would be taking care of the mail and plants as well as rotating the lights at night throughout our absence.We look forward to working with you again in the future and are happy to be reference for A Furry World. 

Jacqui & Alistair



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